mog haps a-happenin’ in the t dot lands

Good news mog-fans of the world !

Despite mogger-lon’s insistence that mog had come to an end last june, moggers-dan and -bux re-established the mog in a newly refurbished basement … in fact the very basement that young mogger-dan became a man… or at least played with paints n stuff. so here we are, in the northern forests of Toronto — tryna put some 1.0 pen to paper vis a vis ideas that have been collecting (collective-ing) dust at the backs of our mog-deprived minds since the glory of expozine’s and shitty mcgill nuit blanches past.

The night started out in the spirit of MOG with a real collaborative major shuffle of furniture in mogger dan’s childhood basement space.

Tables were straight-cleared. Chairs were moved right outta the way. Shit was pushed aside here and there makin’ space for that creative revelling you’ve come to love so much from this mog-squad.

Yes ladies and gents of the mog-hungry world. We’re still here. We’re a-makin and shakin these zines —

We’re all grown up now — with our bachelor’s degrees and all: qualified and what-not. And check out the ideas we got in the making:

Mogger-dan is afraid of the technology he’s using as we speak — and he’s gonna make a zine about it!

And bux, well she’s continuing to steep in that nostalgia of hers, mini-mass texting her friends to tap into some prime memories RE: objects that you associate with a person/place. 

So mogger-lon — as you sit there in Montreal, we’re a missin-ya. but guess what — MOG didn’t end in June — it was only getting started. We’ll let mogger-lon back of course… if he wants (we miss him.)


2/3 Mog- squad


one-year after expozine cyber-anniversary

Hello friends.

Good News Everybody. The good folks from MOG have reunited, one year after the glory and gaudy of expozine 2010. But this time, MOG hq has transferred from the reality of a big-wooden-table on the first-floor of a st-urbain-triplex, to, cyberspace — the old blue and white.

Check it out — cyber space reunion art-share!

We all miss each other very much !


The End…For Now

Greetings to our loyal fans (which mostly consists of our parents),

It has been a bittersweet past few weeks here in lovely Montreal, as all three of us Moggers have just graduated from McGill University. It’s time that Rebecca, Dan, and myself (Lon) each go on our separate creative paths, and continue to do what we love, create art (or try to) not only for ourselves but for our friends who inspire us. While this may be the end of  MOG for now, our creative bonds have been set and I assure you this isn’t the last you’ll see of MOG. I’d like to thank Moggers Rebecca and Dan for all their hard work, amazing artwork, and for encouraging me to not be a lazy bum.

I speak for all of us Moggers when I say, thank you to all of our friends and families! We really could not have done this without your support…you guys were pretty much our only customers (other than that guy who stole Rebecca’s zine).

MOG Graduates!

Much love,

Mogger Lon


mog 2.0

it’s been a while since our last mlog post, yes…

but… mog’s back ! and in better shape than ever before.

nuit blanche is fast approaching (details to come), and your friends at mog-hq are busily-bustin’ out some fresh zines for your visual pleasure.

a couple of previews to tide you over till the big night…

your friend rebecca is busy working on her whimsical, zoologically themed, non-sequential the elephant in the room. she got that long-coveted 0.1 thinness pen for x-mas 2010, so we know things will be at least -0.2x better (and crisper) than her last effort.

check out these sweet pics of rebecca’s zine, and her pen !

what’s that elk doing in the bathtub ?!!?!?!

(thanks santa/mom)

and over on dan’s side of things, his love of people and buildings has finally come together in his latest zine, undergrad. you better like this one, because chances are, you’re in it.

and as for mogger-lon…. where is that guy anyway ? he’s working on something, somewhere… yeah…



the great expozine !

friends !

expozine was a blast. a big thanks to all our friends and fans for showing their faces.

there we were, probably the freshest ziners in town… it was 10 am and we arrived at the church in time, even though mogger-rebecca was late.

“there’s so many freaks” – mogger-lon

despite the fact that we weren’t on the program :(, the good folks at expozine were eagerly anticipating our arrival. flash forward ten minutes, and BAM – we were smack dab in the middle of expozine – ready to go…almost. your friends at mog, as you know by now, are perfectionists… and our display wasn’t going to be complete without a clean white table cloth to tie all that black and white photocopied glory together.

check it out ! isn’t it awesome ?

your friend mogger-dan took it upon himself to get the sheet for the group. after a quick and friendly visit to the neighbourhood cloth store, tragedy struck. your friend mogger-dan, eager to get back to the good folks at expozine, made a bit-of-a-silly-error, and got the bag containing the all-important white table cloth stuck in his wheel. the result – a flippin’ good time!….. over the handle bars and into the pavement, that is ! some real kind strangers were kind enough to drive him back to the good folks at expozine.

remember, don’t bike with a bag-of-cloth on your handlebars…

but don’t worry all you mog-fans out there that couldn’t make it to expozine. mogger-dan was okay, despite some really intense but superficial wounds. and then the day went great ! the great day !

mog-props to:

i. the chinese lady beside us— a lot of people are going to be learning the wonders of the chinese language thanks to you! Wo ai tei mei!

ii.prince—good luck finding a way to put the prince-zine on your resume… you’re a great muse!

prince encounters his zine counterpart for the first time

iii. duclos: we hope you had a great saturday in your saturday attire… even if it wasn’t with us.

iv. mogger-lon’s parents – who came all the way from ottawa to see our shitty art

v. our friend who ever-so-nicely notified us of that other articulate…. whatever.

many sales were made, despite the lack of expectations. most of them were to our friends… thanks friends, but there were a special-few-sales of mogger-rebecca’s wonderful, whimsical “wet dreams + underwater ballets” made to her target demographic…that is… 20 something females with short hair ;).

unfortunately, your friend mogger-dan had to leave the good folks at expozine early, but moggers-rebecca-and-lon held the fort down to the wee hours of the afternoon.

stay tuned for more from us at mog. see you at expozine 2011 !!


mog @ expozine – it’s tomorrow !

yes, friends.

but a year ago, a group of naive, but ambitious friends attended 2009’s fantastic expozine. wide-eyed, they perused the rows upon rows of creativity, each booth inspiring an increasingly strong thirst for themselves to create, for themselves to be creators of that powerfully allusive, independently spirited artistic medium known as the zine.

it started with a conversation, and a near-failed attempt at the now complete ‘our friend prince’, but, my friends, a year later, the fantastically collaborative spirit that is the mansion ostrich group is rip-right-ready to get out there and get things done at this year’s fantastic expozine.

the late afternoon oil sure did burn today, and we have some exclusive photos of the mog team putting the finishing touches on the exciting ‘articulate‘, a story about a boy and his mysterious friend, and the misadventures that this unconventional duo get up to.

rebecca hard at work at her educational institution’s computer lab, where a scanner was used to bring the many pieces that comprise ‘articulate’ together.

after many hours, ‘articulate’, ‘underwater ballets + wet dreams’ and ‘our friend prince’ are all ready to go!

daniel, lonnie and rebecca seem to be enjoying their zines – maybe you will too !

expozine 2010is at 5035 St-Dominique, at the corner of st laurent and st joseph. we’ll be tabling tomorrow, saturday 13 november from 12 – 6pm. the booth is set, the zines are done. see you there ?



big time news here at mog hq (pictured) !

after many sleepless nights and big time dreams ‘articulate’, a zine written by lonnie and illustrated by rebecca and daniel has been articulated !

that’s right. the illustrations are all ready to be zine-efied.

a scene from ‘articulate’ – what mischief are the boy and his mysterious friend up to here? find out at expozine!


and remember (lest we forget), you’ll be able to get in on the boy and his misadventures by visiting our table at the fantastic expozine, this saturday, november 13th, from 12-6pm.

and a shout-out to duclos: we hope to see you there in your saturday attire !

– the mog squad

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